Couleurs de Géraldine

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Couleurs de Géraldine – or CdG – is an expression of Géraldine van Amerom’s belief that jewelry is more than ornamental … that it is really ‘a reflection of your heart’ – art which you wear. We believe that when you buy CdG jewelry, you are not just buying an object, but an emotion – a precious moment to celebrate and embrace.


Since 2010, Géraldine has been working with passion to create desirable, wearable jewelry, each piece designed to spark intrigue and a sense of wonder. Known for classic, yet contemporary pieces of lasting value, Couleurs de Géraldine has developed a loyal client base for its most popular works – the signature earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


With flair, joy and an eye to detail, Géraldine van Amerom channels her passion into designs which are then handcrafted by master artisans mixing ancient traditions, Italian quality and modern best practices.


Combining top quality materials with outstanding craftsmanship, Géraldine continues to search for perfect combinations of form, element and color. Playing with dreams to design, then with materials to create, CdG transforms her inspiration into seductive jewelry that is both a style statement and a work of art.


Handmade in the heart of Italy by outstanding artists working in traditional ways, CdG’s collections combine the privilege of owning high quality works of lasting value with the pleasure of wearable, unique jewelry.

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