La Perla Men

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Spring/Summer 2015 – La Perla launches a new concept of loungewear and beachwear for men. The concept behind the collection is a sophisticated mix-and-match of different fabrics and garments characterised by a sartorial approach, and inspired by the submarine world.

Emiliano Rinaldi, the Tuscan designer in charge of the creative direction for the first La Perla men project, wanted to add a signature La Perla touch, choosing fabrics and details taken from the world of feminine lingerie and reinterpreting them within a vision for men’s style. The fusion of underwear and outwear, which has become one of the distinctive features of the female La Perla collections, is another concept adopted for the new men’s collection. The kimonos, trousers and t-shirts were designed as hybrid creations to be worn freely both at home and outdoors. They can be worn together as matching pieces or alongside timeless garments such as a pair of jeans.

The “Made in Italy” luxury brand offered a wide array of men’s collections that range from swimwear to nightwear and beachwear, from shoes to loungewear. La Perla’s ability to transmit the spirit of its creations across each decade is certainly the secret to the brand’s worldwide success. Thanks to the collaboration of talented photographers La Perla visual communication was, and still is, a passionate exploration of the masculine universe.

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