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Recognized since 1921 as one of the leading luxury and fashion brands, L’OFFICIEL has become the international reference of French style and one of the leading exporters of the French touch.
L’OFFICIEL NL magazine offers a unique gateway into the evolving world of fashion, art, beauty and travel; with a deep understanding of tradition and innovation. Telling stories in a creative and high-quality way. An inspirational guide – with a high aspiration level – published 8 times a year. The offline and online worlds of L’OFFICIEL NL are constantly inextricably linked and provide an extension to one another.
L’OFFICIEL offers sartorial inspiration for a woman who’s: 
 influential and chic.
 25 – 45 years old
, a new woman of the world, connected and international, European chic, sophisticated without being snobbish.

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