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WINONAH is a new prêt-à-porter brand of luxury women’s clothing. Founded in 2015 under the creative direction of Dutch designer Winonah de Jong, fashion icon and top level social media influencer.

Her dedication to fashion and the consensus obtained by her followers persuaded Winonah to believe that her dreams could come true, and convinced her to embark on a new and exciting adventure: to create her own line of clothing that would represent her world and her style.

“I think that fashion today embodies a very personal point of view. A non-verbal way to express one’s own creativity. A demonstration of what one appreciates and is attracted to. It is for this reason that I design pieces that I would like to purchase myself, or that are missing in my closet. And above all, pieces that have the look and feel of true luxury and exquisite quality.”

Made in Italy quality, research and traditional artisanship, thanks to the partnership with prestigious manufacturer Maison M, result in a timeless yet contemporary feminine aesthetic. Sinuous shapes and graphics combined with the grace and lightness of the most luxurious materials make up the unique and sophisticated DNA of WINONAH, which is clean, strong, feminine and timeless. Each piece is realized with the most exquisite fabrics available and with an almost fanatic attention to production quality.

WINONAH is designed for a woman secure of her own allure, which she emphasizes with elegance and sophistication. A woman who favors a clean aesthetic, is attracted to quality and master tailoring, and is unafraid of color.



WINONAH Spring/Summer 2016 is a concentrate of contemporary and international prêt-à-porter pieces which celebrate femininity through Italian craftsmanship. A 24-hour capsule that also boasts eye-catching eveningwear. All made to highlight the female silhouette.


The SS16 collection will be available early 2016 via For all sales inquiries please contact


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