Rodney Lam | PR (Business)

A serial entrepreneur, a family man, an actor, the co-owner of Daily Paper and the writer of a successful movie: Rodney Lam (47) is grounded yet ambitious and nowhere near backing down from his success. Married for 26 years with 5 children, he balances a successful career with family life, while staying true to his values. Together with the founders, Rodney Lam has been a major player in the success of the streetwear label Daily Paper. He operates behind the scenes to professionalize the company and manage its growth, while keeping busy with day-to-day management. His movie Suriname became the very first Pathe Original, which he starred in, wrote and produced with his company Vizavaz. Lam sees entrepreneurship as a way to make a difference in society, showing how valuable inclusivity is and inspiring others to do the same.

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