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The Amsterdam Dinner (Het Amsterdam Diner) was founded 30 years ago (1992) during the height of the AIDS epidemic. Since then, the Dinner has evolved into the largest and most prestigious charity evening in The Netherlands. Each year The Dinner brings together a broad coalition, including members of the Dutch royal family, business leaders, philanthropists, politicians, top tier press, celebrities and HIV researchers and community, to reaffirm the commitment to stopping AIDS. The arts and fashion are celebrated at the core of the event. To stop the spread of HIV, the organization believes that discrimination, inequality, and injustice must be tackled head on.

Amsterdam Dinner Foundation

Bastiaan Woudt


Christian Louboutin

Confidental Tandartsen

DIOR Dam Square


Eljero Elia

Gia Bab

Jetteke van Lexmond

Lieke van Lexmond


Moco Museum

Rodney Lam

Tertius Gallery

Winonah de Jong