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Bildhalle was founded in 2013 by Mirjam Cavegn in Zurich. Since its foundation, it has quickly become one of the most respected galleries for photography in Switzerland, acting within the long-standing Swiss tradition of photography and its promotion as an artistic medium. Bildhalle represents outstanding artists in traditional and contemporary photography. In 2020, Bildhalle opened a gallery space in Amsterdam and a year later, sealed this bold leap by launching a second location in the Dutch capital, thus consolidating its strong position in the Dutch and European markets. In Amsterdam, Bildhalle presents a well-curated selection of Dutch and international artists.

Amsterdam Dinner Foundation

Bastiaan Woudt


Christian Louboutin

Confidental Tandartsen

DIOR Dam Square


Eljero Elia

Gia Bab

Jetteke van Lexmond

Lieke van Lexmond


Moco Museum

Rodney Lam

Tertius Gallery

Winonah de Jong